“When we grew as a business, registering worked hours manually became too much work.”

  • Strongbow Offshore Services
  • Customer and call centre services
  • 1 location
  • 110 employees
  • Paramaribo, Suriname
Strongbow Offshore services
  • “My life has become a lot easier with TimeMoto.”

  • AvatarChantale Flood
  • Operational Manager

TimeMoto helps the management of Strongbow Offshore Services to plan and record work hours

Based in Paramaribo, Suriname, Strongbow Offshore Services offers call center and customer services, data enrichment solutions and website content management since 2007. As an operational manager, Chantale Flood relies on TimeMoto Cloud to manage her growing team. “TimeMoto is a complete solution that gives us the insights we need, yet it is still easy to use.”

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“We chose the TimeMoto Plus plan because it provides all that. We were already familiar with Safescan because our office has an old Time Clock that we still use to register hours for our facility and security staff. Right now, we are in the middle of building a new office. When we move there, we must decide what to do with the old terminal. We can continue using it, modernize with a new TimeMoto Time Clock system or have everyone punch in with TimeMoto Cloud on their browser or mobile app.”

“TimeMoto is a complete solution I recommend to any business looking for a system that provides insights into worked hours but is also easy to use.” - Chantale Flood

Strongbow Offshore Services setup

TimeMoto Cloud Plus Plan

110 users

TimeMoto mobile app

110 users

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“We have been using the TimeMoto Cloud Plus Plan for about a year. The introduction was easy. We only use it for the employees in our office, and we started with a small group of twenty users, which grew to sixty during the year. In the beginning, our employees sometimes forgot to register their breaks. Now we have scheduled these automatically, and that solved the problem. On a management level, it has become much easier to budget, plan hours and compare the planned hours to the worked hours at the end of each month. Because we have a budget per customer, it is great to punch on projects.”

“My life has become a lot easier with TimeMoto. At the end of every month, I can see how many hours our operators have worked and on which projects and compare quickly with our planning. It is a complete solution I recommend to any business looking for a system that provides insights into worked hours but is also easy to use. The Support Center is very clear; whenever I must look up something, I usually can find all the answers I need there. And when that doesn’t work, there is always the support team. I have had a good experience with them. After filling in the support form, they got back to me quickly. When there was some confusion over the e-mail, we just called, which really helped me with my question.”

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Looking for a single, easy-to-use, system that can handle all your timesheets, scheduling, and reporting needs in a fraction of the time? Meet TimeMoto and set up your time management solution.

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