Frequently Asked Questions

About TimeMoto

What is TimeMoto?

TimeMoto is your all-in-one Time and Attendance solution. Use TimeMoto Cloud as a standalone solution or in combination with one or more of our Time Clocks. Get in control of your employee Time and Attendance, see when they clock in and out, schedule shifts, generate reports, and more. All while staying compliant with your local labour laws. Read our guide if you are new to TimeMoto and time registration.

How does TimeMoto help to improve my HR administration?

TimeMoto’s whole goal is to make time and attendance easier for you. With our Time Clocks and TimeMoto Cloud, you’ll improve your HR administration in many ways. For example, you’ll benefit from access to more accurate payrolling and insights, real-time attendance monitoring, and a clear audit trail of all clocking events to guarantee full transparency. TimeMoto can help you plan shifts, manage holidays and absences, run reports, manage overtime, define payout rules, and more.

Do I need a Cloud subscription to use a TimeMoto Time Clock?

If you want to profit from an easy-to-use, managed cloud solution that is actively developed, we advise you to use a TimeMoto Cloud Plan. TimeMoto offers three different subscriptions, including a Core Plan that contains the basics of timekeeping and reporting. Data from Time Clocks is synchronised with your TimeMoto Cloud, where you can monitor attendance, run reports, and more. Visit the Pricing page to compare Plans.

How does the TimeMoto Cloud 30-day Plus Plan free trial work?

You can sign up for a free trial of our most extensive TimeMoto Cloud Plan on our Cloud Plans page. You will be given a 30-day free trial of the Plus Plan with all our available features. It is up to you to decide if you want to stay on this plan after the free trial period expires. You can transition to the Core Plan, or upgrade to the Essential or Plus Plan.

Where can I find manuals or tutorials for Time Clocks and TimeMoto Cloud?

On our Downloads page, you can find many resources. These include quick installation guides for our Time Clocks and product sheets. The TimeMoto Support Centre offers a lot of helpful articles, including a ‘Getting Started with TimeMoto’ tutorial covering Time Clocks and TimeMoto Cloud. You can also check out our YouTube channel for our tutorials, for example, on onboarding with TimeMoto Cloud.

How does TimeMoto help meet compliance with laws and regulations?

One key aspect of labour law in many countries is the requirement for businesses to record work hours accurately. TimeMoto helps you keep on top of regional labour laws described on our Labour Laws & Regulations pages. Our Time Clocks and TimeMoto Cloud comply with privacy regulations, including GDPR in the EU. For more information on the data we collect and the measures we take to protect it, please read our Privacy Statement.  

TimeMoto Cloud

How do TimeMoto Cloud subscriptions work?

TimeMoto Cloud has three subscription options: Core, Essential, and Plus. Each Plan has different features, but they are all compatible with the TimeMoto Time Clocks. With all plans, you can choose a monthly or annual billing cycle, with costs calculated per user. If you have more than 75 employees, you can benefit from the discounted monthly rate per employee.

Where can I find help articles for TimeMoto Cloud?

Our Support Centre is where you can find help articles for TimeMoto Cloud. For questions about orders, delivery, setting your Time Clock, and TimeMoto Cloud, our Support page is also a good starting point.

Time Clocks (Clocking in and out)

Which Time Clock do I need for my business?

Every business has its own unique needs. Don’t know what kind of device your business needs? Check out our configurator page and find the solution that best fits your business.

How do I connect or set up a Time Clock?

All Time Clocks have a quick installation guide to help you set up your Time Clock for the first time. If it is your first time with TimeMoto, our Support Centre guides you through all the steps needed to get started, including setting up your Time Clock.

What software do I need to use a TimeMoto Time Clock?

TimeMoto Time Clocks are only compatible with TimeMoto software. To compare your options, check out our Pricing page.