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TimeMoto Cloud Time & Attendance

Manage your workforce with a flexible system that fits any business. TimeMoto Cloud offers an easy solution to stay up-to-date on attendance and keep track of work hours.

Punch in and out with our Time Clocks, mobile app, or web service to track and record time spent at work.


Real-time monitoring

Get updates on your team members anytime (Essential and Plus Plans). Quickly check in on who is present, absent, missing, or not planned in at all.

Managers can check if their staff is present and where they are operating, and employees can check if a colleague they want to reach is currently working.


Any device

Punch in & out using any device. A browser and an internet connection; that’s all it takes. Or use our mobile app (iOS & Android) to record work hours and monitor your team’s attendance on the go.

Manage clocking actions

Did somebody forget to punch in? Use the manager role to make corrections or add missing punching actions when needed. Quick and easy.

Clear audit trail

To guarantee full transparency, every action is stored in a changelog. Check every change, see when it was made, and who performed the action.

Stay informed. Stay organised.

TimeMoto Cloud offers a streamlined and efficient way to manage your employees’ attendance. All-industry-suited. Whether you’re working in manufacturing, hospitality, or retail. Our complete solution fits every business.

Complete overview

Quickly organize attendance in a complete overview, filter on status, do a fast search, and easily adjust your planning.

Overtime management

Manage overtime with TimeMoto Cloud Essential and Plus by calculating overtime and deciding whether to pay out or assign overtime as free time.

Clock breaks

Let your staff members take the breaks they deserve by utilizing TimeMoto Cloud’s various break types in a schedule.


No more paperwork. Handling things digitally means easy adjustments, better backups and fewer errors in your administration.

Our Cloud Plans cover everything you need. Manage punching, schedules, timesheets, and reports with ease.

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